Finding the groove.

I played Little League as a kid, usually catcher, sometimes first base. Something odd always happened when I played first, there would be times when I felt like there was “a right place to stand”.  I just knew where to stand, it almost felt like there was in indentation in the ground, a trough. A little to far left  or right and I was out of the trough. Every time I felt this, the ball came right to me. If I couldn’t find the groove then the ball was going somewhere else.

One of the first rules of trading is “Don’t lose more than 2%”.  Sensible rule except there’s an odd calmness to certain trades, they can be down 4% on the day and on no news. I’m not worried about it, I know the trade isn’t going against me. For other trades, I know as soon as I’m down 0.25% that I need to get out, it’s going to go badly. I’m nervous about the trade from the very start. I’ve done the same amount of work, the setups look pretty similar, but for some reason I’m really pensive about having this open position.

I can’t feel that groove anymore in baseball, but I can feel it in trading. Find the groove, if you’re feeling uneasy about a trade, listen to yourself.