SMC Tampa Bay

Social Media Club Tampa Bay will be restarting soon. It’s been some time (way too long!) since the last chapter meeting, even though there’s been a lot of┬álocal http://socailmediaclub.orginterest. See the Facebook page for latest updates. We are currently re-forming and booking venues. Please feel free to post recommendations for discussion topics on the FB page as well. For those of you that are new to Social Media Club and looking to contribute, all you need to do is show up. Anyone is welcome to contribute, you don’t need to be in the Social Media industry, and you don’t need to be an expert. In fact, very few people are experts, although many will try and sound like they are or try to convince you that they are by other means. I am not a social media expert but you’ll find a lot of people who are and are more than willing to help.