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Entrepreneur: Day 53

Some great news is probably coming out so just be patient. In the meantime I’m taking an hour or two a day and devoting it to learning something new. Python has been hanging out there for a while and it’s the development language for one of our potential platforms. After two days I’m about half way through Dive Into Python. I’m not quite accustomed to writing blocks that are defined by how they’re indented but I assume I’ll get used to it. Other than that it’s pretty simple.

One interesting tool I have found recently is Balsamiq Mockups. This is a great tool for mocking up screens quickly and there are over 75 controls (including iPhone widgets) that you can drag and drop. Far better and much easier than Vizio or PowerPoint. It also has plugins for Confluence or XWiki – sadly, no bugzilla. It’s also less than $80.

Entrepreneur: Day 49 (Backups)

Contingency PlanIn 13 years of overseeing databases I got caught without a backup exactly one time. Luckily it was for a dev system and it wasn’t a catastrophe but it did remind me of how important they are. Actually, they’re not just important, they’re your ass if things fall apart. Same goes for products. Your optimal way to go-to-market may not always be open to you. In that case you’ll need contingencies. Say for example that the primary feature in your product, the feature that distinguishes it from your competitors, can’t be implemented. Do you go to market anyway and hope for the best? Hopefully not. Do you wait until you develop a new capability or feature and then release? Or do you release without the feature and release the new capability as soon as it’s ready? It’s one of the last two options, but it’s all up to you to figure out. One of our possible contingency plans is shown here.

Where the Hell Have I Been?

Actually, I’ve been right here…

And I highly recommend it. With no real vacation for more than two years I was starting to get pretty edgy. So we hopped down to Aruba and after about five days I was ready to get back to work. I realized that I just can’t sit under a cabana all day and have drinks served to me. I was almost completely disconnected as the wifi access stopped about two rooms away from us. I cleaned up on roulette the last day we were there too. But other than that it’s great to be home. I knocked out about 30 miles on the bike this morning and I’ve put in about a full seven hours of work so far today.

If you’ve never been to Aruba, there’s two ways to really get a good “taste” of the island. One is on a TomCar from Green Zebra Adventures. The other is on the back of this guy, Jesse James. There are about 35 horses at Rancho Notorious and if you get the chance, take half a day and check them out. If you like getting your ass kicked in general, take the “galloping allowed” tour. We timed heading down there just right as the off season is just beginning. We were the only ones there for the Tom Cars as well as the horse back rides. Perfect timing because we didn’t have to wait for anybody to catch up. Also “somebody” also wrecked our Tom Car forcing me to have to drive on in a different one without a governor. But our guide didn’t tell me that and left it to me to discover. So… Tom Cars WILL drift!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work. Anybody up for starting BarCamp Aruba?

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