Entrepreneur: Day 0

This morning, after 11 years at Cox Target Media, I resigned my position as Digital Innovation Strategist. After becoming more involved in the entrepreneurial community that’s building in Tampa and St Pete, and after seeing what USFSP’s Gazelle Lab is doing to support innovation and entrepreneurship, I felt that I could no longer sit out and watch everybody else building cool stuff. After taking a close look at my finances I’ve got about 18 months to make something happen. And at 43 I’m still young enough to recover from a catastrophic screw up if it’s turns out that I’m a complete idiot. I’ve got a number of concepts ready to go and two great business partners with a huge amount of technical experience and creativity. So from today on, for the next 18 months, I’ll be posting daily about decision points, planning, progress, successes and failures. If I don’t post then I’m too busy but I’ll try to get at least a sentence in for the day. Obviously I can’t share everything about what we’re working on and who we’re talking to but I will share as much as possible. I’ll also follow up with the results of the decisions I made and whether or not I made a good decision or a bad decision and how and why I’d do it differently in retrospect. Hopefully it will help somebody else in their startup.

Oh, and by the way – focus replaces fear after you decide to jump.