Anger Management.

I knocked out 45 miles on the bike this morning – at about mile 30 I was ready to chuck it and go home so I could get started early on a few things. Until… the paper boy (yes, somehow we still have those) ran a stop sign. The intersection is actually a “T” so he was making a left and coming into my lane. Three feet away, two feet away… Six inches away and the bottom of my right pedal is scraping the top of the curb. I’m about as far over as I can get and I’m about to jump the curb. Then he decides to stand on the brakes. Way to pay attention jackass. At that point I was so pissed I finished the rest of the hour in zone 4, 2 over my target. So anger can be an asset but only if you control it, focus it, and turn it into something of benefit. So now I’m ready to really get back to work and kick some ass today. While I’m at it, please wish my friend @meggiehd good luck as she gets ready for the London Marathon.