Entrepreneur: Day 17

Stone SourSo far, the week is not going as expected. It’s taking a little longer to get access to cash to make this work and GE didn’t do me any favors yesterday by restricting one of my credit accounts to one series of outlet stores. What I’ve learned so far is that people have a lot of good ideas. A lot of good intentions meant to help you – but if they’re not lined up with your vision then you’ve got to tell them either ‘wait’ or ‘no’. Frenetic activity does not equate to progress, it just causes you to lose perception of what you ‘should’ do and what you ‘need’ to do. You ‘should’ create reports, measure, check, verify and strategize. What you ‘need’ to do is launch a product. All the ‘should’ work will delay or even prevent you from doing that.

And by the way, I did miss a couple of days posting. I took the weekend off to hit the 98RockFest in Tampa and Festivals of Speed in St Pete. So the pic is of Stone Sour closing out the show.