Entrepreneur: Day 53

Some great news is probably coming out so just be patient. In the meantime I’m taking an hour or two a day and devoting it to learning something new. Python has been hanging out there for a while and it’s the development language for one of our potential platforms. After two days I’m about half way through Dive Into Python. I’m not quite accustomed to writing blocks that are defined by how they’re indented but I assume I’ll get used to it. Other than that it’s pretty simple.

One interesting tool I have found recently is Balsamiq Mockups. This is a great tool for mocking up screens quickly and there are over 75 controls (including iPhone widgets) that you can drag and drop. Far better and much easier than Vizio or PowerPoint. It also has plugins for Confluence or XWiki – sadly, no bugzilla. It’s also less than $80.