The thread of the value prop runs through the entire company.

Think of the value proposition(s) as a thread that starts with the client and runs through every part of your company. Include any first, second, or third degree touchpoint with a client. In other words, any team that affects another team, that affects a team that works with the client. At any point that thread can be cut, tied in a knot, or made stronger. The actions of these teams affects the relationship with the customer in the same way. They can destroy it, give the customer a perception that it takes forever to get things done, or make it easy for the customer to love you.

The larger the company the easier it is for people to not even realize that thread is there. Manage your business processes, ensure that the teams know how they affect the customer’s experience. I’ve found that most people don’t even know what affect they’re having on a customer. It has to be constantly reinforced that people are not simply doing a job, there’s a real effect on the client and client retention as a result.

There was a team responsible for file communication that I once worked with. The head of that team told me “…if there’s a problem then the client just has to tell us and we’ll get it fixed promptly.” This went completely against our brand promise of a high touch, boutique provider. No matter how we explained it, the team didn’t get it and customers got pissed off at it. The team just forgot that their actions reflected on the company as a whole.

Take the time to make sure everyone knows how important their jobs are to the client and to sustaining revenue.