Back in Training

After a full six months off training and a full year off of competitive cycling, I’m getting back on the bike. I’m weighing in at 200 even, a full 30 over my TT race weight, and 35 over full race weight. My goal is to be back to 170 in 14 weeks, or by December 21st. At 2 pounds a week that should be achievable without being too painful. Portions cut in half, no more beer, and a gradual increase in training will put me there. Just to keep me honest, I’ll post here every Monday morning what my weight was, that should put enough pressure on me to follow through.

Aside from a public commitment to a goal, what’s the point of posting this on a leadership and innovation blog? Well, my brain is moving like a slug for one. So’s the rest of me for that matter. According to an article from the Mayo Clinic gives reasons from keep weight off to live longer. I’ll give two others. First, I think much more clearly after I’ve been busting my ass for 2-3 hours. Second, I usually train in the morning, around 4:30 AM. It’s a great feeling to know that when I walk into the office I’ve already done more than just about anyone else. The result is more confidence (because I really need that) and a wide awake, rockin’, creative brain. Those things together put me in an entirely different state and one that I’m far more comfortable in and produce my best work.