Change of Perspective

There are certain events that occur in everyone’s life that (should) make you stop and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Every once in a while you may come to the decision to chuck it all and start over. If we’re really innovators then we’ve been pushing change at others for a long time and trying to make them comfortable with it. How comfortable are we when change gets pushed at us? To be honest, it’s un-nerving. To be equally honest, it’s something I can use when talking people through making dramatic changes.


I just caught Seth’s post from this morning about needing a permit to make a dent and it got me thinking a little more. The number of people who truly support and encourage people to make and stick with a change is only slightly higher than the number of people who are comfortable with making a change in/for themselves. So I think as innovators, as change-agents, we have a responsibility not just to point out where and why to make changes, but how to deal with the emotional tumult as well. Maybe we should inflict more change on ourselves to break us out of our comfort zone in order to support others as they go through it.