Entrepreneur: Day 5

Planning day. And looking for real estate. A good friend of mine, Brantley Smith, is the Director of Marketing and Interactive Media at The Continental Group.  It may be some time before I actually need the space but I’ve got a really good idea of what’s out there and for how much. He really hooked me up with some great comps and I really appreciate Brantley’s help in putting this together.

At this point the company name has been picked and a quick logo has been put together. By the end of Friday I’m looking to have the articles of incorporation filed and EIN paperwork submitted. Roles and responsibilities have been chosen by the three partners as well as initial number of shares and their valuation.

The product name has also been chosen and I’m putting the roadmap together, should be ready by Thursday to discuss with the rest of my partners. I’ve also come up with an initial list of potential strategic partners to begin contacting.

I also feel like I’m not getting enough done. Not working hard enough, not working fast enough. Not sure if that’s realistic or I’m just ready to haul ass and get this launched. Since I’m sitting around a lot more (as I’m now working Tampa Bayfrom the house) I want to get more consistent in my training. The bike has been sitting around for a few weeks – unfortunately the bottom bracket seized and it’s in the shop. Should be ready by Thursday. To prep I put together a quick schedule to start getting back in the groove. I usually train from 4:30 or 5 AM until 7:00 AM for 3-5 times a week. That’s a bit much all at once so for 2 weeks it will be 5-6:30 AM for 3 times a week. That’s about 85 miles a week. From then on I’ll add about 20 minutes a week and an extra session every other week. So in about six weeks I’ll be back up to almost 3 hour sessions five times a week. Personally, I like getting into the office already having my workout done. By then I should be able to post shots like this one of Tampa Bay.