There’s No Such Thing As Ketchup

Actually, there is. But I’m actually referring to “catchup” as in the type of activity you do to catchup to your competitors. At this point the “next big thing” could just about be any-thing, why in the hell would you spend your time building what your competitors have already done? I’m a huge fan of Scott Adams (it won’t be long before I’m asked to take this down) and this one from December of ’09 pretty well sums up how futile this strategy is. If you don’t have any ideas but can execute, GREAT! Team up with someone that has great ideas. Don’t know anyone like that? Go to BarCamps, CodeCamps, Front End Developer Conference or even a StartupCamp. If you’re in Tampa or the surrounding area then you’re in luck because all of these events are either coming up in the next few months or are looking for people to help launch them. If you want to get involved then please let me know and I’ll make sure you get in touch with the right people. At a minimum get out there and see what people are working on because it’s interesting, it’s fun, and above all it’s ORIGINAL!