I think one of the biggest challenges we face…

Sketch3 & InvisionAppIs that people that have a “good idea” (aka, recognize a true pain point) don’t know how to get a prototype in people’s hands in order to test it. Most think you need a developer, a “technical co-founder”. That’s shit. If you can’t write a single line of code then you have two options:

Both require effort and effort is table stakes. Resonate will help you learn how to tell a story so start there. Sketch and InVision will turn that story into something tangible that people can play with and you can begin to get feedback.

First, start with friends and family. Explain your idea to them, if they can’t tell what the hell you’re talking about then you need to re-craft your explanation. If they “don’t get it” it’s not their fault, it’s yours. You’re unable to explain what you do or what you solve.

Once they “get it” most of them will say “it’s great”. You’ve reached the end of their usefulness. Your next challenge is to build a prototype and this is where Sketch and InVision come in to play. There’s great videos out there that will help you with Sketch.  The InvisionApp will help you turn the images you create in Sketch into a clickable demo.

You really don’t need a developer or technical co-founder just to get a prototype together and start getting feedback from people. You just have to put some learnings into practice.

If you expect somebody to do all this for you then you should just describe your idea on Facebook, sign over all future rights, and let others run with it.