What Problem Are You Fixing?

What problem are you fixing, and who’s problem is it? If you’re fixing your own problem and then pushing it at your customers, step away from the keyboard. A better question to start asking yourself is this, who approves the purchase of the solution I’m creating? If you’re not fixing an explicit problem for that individual then you’re wasting your time. If you’re making it easier to order your products then ask yourself if the decision maker that you’re pitching to sees order entry as a problem. Call the decision maker, make it a point to understand where this individual is experiencing pain – then create a solution to address that pain point. That’s a product which is sale-able and in demand by at least one person. Hopefully they’re not the only ones experiencing this same pain point and you’ll actually have a market for your solution. Unless you are a complete visionary and see a demand for a product that nobody is asking for yet, then stick to the basics. Do your research and talk to people.