light-dark-bed-lampCrank out as much as you can as fast as you can. You may think quality matters, but recent studies show that it doesn’t. Quality ideas are a function of a quantity of ideas.

Ever sit in “brainstorming” sessions and absolutely NOTHING of value comes out at the end? I’m willing to bet that someone(s) shot down quite a bit of ideas that were only in their infancy.

Do this. Grab a copy of “Originals” by @AdamMGrant. You’ll find that when organizations are asked for ideas, on average, 87% of those ideas generated are original. ¬†Eighty. Seven. Percent. What would your organization do with an inflow of 87% of new and original ideas? Could you test them fast enough to see if there was consumer adoption? Could you implement them fast enough to recognize the cost savings in the current fiscal quarter?

Originals is easily my favorite book I’ve read this year. Quantity over quality. Be prolific in your output. Stay up late. Get up early. Write everything down. I think you’re going to shock yourself.